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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Treat Your Hair For Eight Days With This Serum

Thinning hair should not become the reason for your inferiority complex. You are living in a technological advanced era that allows you to explore terrific options for hair growth. Of course, surgical option is there; but there are more non-invasive ways to try.

The Intensive Scalp Infusion Treatment by Keranique is one of them. It requires you to apply a serum directly on your scalp for eight consecutive days. You must apply this serum after washing hair with Keranique’s Revitalizing Shampoo. Do not rinse after serum application. The serum works on your scalp as you continue with your daily routine.

The serum uses a clinically proven ingredient called minoxidil. This ingredient is basically a hypertension drug. Doctors discovered its hair growing property by accident, when they found lush growth on patients administered with this drug.

Keranique thinning hair products have emerged as some of the most popular ones due to their amazing performance. They work well with female biochemistry. This makes them more reliable and effective than most over-the-counter hair products.

So, if hair loss is tormenting you since long, try Keranique’s treatment. The brand has received accolades from both experts and users. It is your turn to give feedback.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Here Comes the Right Hair Fall Solution for Women

If you find your hair everywhere – on the pillow, comb, floor, under the shower – everywhere except on the scalp, it’s time to use Keranique hair regrowth shampoo. Thinning hair looks appalling. It decreases your beauty and gives your personality a drab look.

You may hide your unattractive mane under hats or scarves, but why hide when you can actually treat it? It is possible to promote healthier hair growth with the use of right products. Stop using those sulfate-laden, chemical hair products. They do even more harm. Instead, stick to Keranique’s shampoo for hair regrowth. It is sulfate free and contains the goodness of nature. It uses the latest hair care technology to treat your hair in the finest manner possible.

The 8-day Intensive Scalp Infusion Treatment is worth a try too. It comprises 8 vials of serum. You need to apply one vial of serum each day for 8 consecutive days. Apply the serum after washing your hair with Keranique’s shampoo. Do not rinse hair after applying the serum.

For mild hair loss, perform the treatment once in 7-8 months, while for severe hair loss, perform it once a month.

Products like shampoo for hair regrowth and scalp serums offer hope to millions of women suffering from hair loss condition.