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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Fighting Flyaways


Fighting Flyaways

One Strand at a Time

Frizzy flyaway hair can sabotage even the best styles and can be a real discouragement when looking in the mirror. You know them well—those pesky baby hairs that don’t quite belong, but don’t quite blend in, whether your hair is up or down! What’s a girl to do to combat those flyaways and pave the way to sleek, healthy-looking hair?

For the Health of It

Let’s be honest. Most of the undesirable problems we seek to remedy in our mane are due to damaged locks. Do a health check on your hair. Are you using hair products with enough moisture? Are you consistently applying a leave-in conditioner to hydrate stressed-out strands? Are you careful when combing through sensitive, wet hair, or do you rip through it with a hairbrush, breaking weakened strands along the way? Take a close look at your hair care habits and make sure you are doing your part to ward off broken, brittle locks. Those flyaways are much less of an issue in hair that is well-hydrated and cautiously cared for. Keranique offers a full line of hydrating and healing hair products to help you achieve stronger, fuller, healthier hair. 

Take Positive Control

They’re just fine, baby hairs. They can’t ruin my good hair day, right? Well, not if you have the weapons in your arsenal to combat them. If you’re fighting flyaways, make sure you have the tools on hand to tame them.

A conservative portion of leave-in oil will smooth out and weigh down hair just enough to force those tiny hairs back into hiding. Just make sure not to use too much—especially at the roots—or you’ll look like a greaser.  

Another option is to use hairspray to lay down those flyaways. This is especially effective when wearing your hair pulled back. The hairspray will quickly adhere the flyaways to the shape and style of your hair, and those baby hairs will be nowhere to be seen.

Style to Your Advantage

While you’re working on improving the health of your locks, remain flexible in how you’re styling your strands. There are certain styles that proudly display flyaways (ugh!), and some styles do a wonderful job of concealing them (score!). As you fix your hair each day, take note of the styles that look best (and worst) for hair that has broken into shorter strands, and style yourself accordingly. In addition to products, always keep bobby pins handy to sneak one in to tame flyaways. Hair that is pulled back (halfway or all the way) may prove to be the most obvious display of flyaways, while hair that is worn down and well-hydrated may be just the style you need for the sleekest possible appearance.